Year: 2012
Location: Cihangir, Beyoğlu
Team: Hakan Aldoğan, Burcu Gülmen
Photographs: Kadir Aşnaz

Prototype has transformed a typical 50s apartment into an open-plan space for a new way of living. The apartment space is adapted to suit the needs of a family with a child : multi-functional, open & playful.
The living space is turned into a large and appealing area for cooking, dining, reading &  playing and is separated from the bedrooms by a functional wall housing all the bathrooms & the storage.
The living area is arranged as volumes that can be opened up and closed with thick velvet curtains and kitchen area is placed in the center, the space is arranged to be organized differently depending on the mood and occupations.
The custom made cabinets which divide the flat into two hides the necessary volumes for household services within the walls when not in use,  while transforms into a guest room when open.
Bathrooms are covered in Milas marble plates and black&white cement tiles with Byzantine patterns of Istanbul.